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Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment 

Safety is a core value and top priority. At Lindenberg we believe people are our most valuable asset and maintaining a safe and healthy environment at work is our top priority for each one of us. 

All our sites operate under strict compliance to safety standards. We train our employees comprehensively on the procedures they need to follow to carry out their duties in a compliant manner under the careful watch of our supervisors and our quality monitors and auditors, who operate independently from operations.

Lindenberg-Emirates operates a management system that complies with ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015.



It is our intent to demonstrate an ongoing and determined commitment to improving Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental performance at work throughout our organization.



Our Customers

We strive to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations through the application of the industry best practices and procedures.

Our Customers


Our Employees

At Lindenberg, we work relentlessly to keep our people safe, prevent workplace accidents and provide a healthy work environment. People receive appropriate training to ensure they can develop their skills and contribute to the success of the business.

Our Employees


Continual Improvement

We set ambitious, measurable, and inspiring goals in line with our strategic direction and continually review them. Measuring ourselves against the world’s best practices and learning from our past experience enable us to be a leader in our field.

Continual Improvement


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Awards and Recognitions


Lindenberg-Emirates is committed to incorporate the principles of sustainability in our company culture and raise awareness on environmental and social causes.

We believe that our responsible approach to business is an important factor to achieve long-term success. We align our daily operations, whether at sites or in office with the best practices to achieve the highest levels of environmental and social sustainability. We place a great importance on implementing the best measures to ensure safe, ethical, environmentally, and socially responsible practices are in place.

In-Country Value

We are proud to be an ICV Certified partner.

We are committed to increase our local talent and long-term collaborations with our foreign partners and will continue to grow the company’s investment opportunities in the UAE market.